A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

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Welcome to Attaway General, a hospital full of unqualified teenage doctors who don't even want to be here. Seems like a good idea!
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Runtime: 16:40


Zoe Hoffman
Zoe Hoffman - 23 dager siden
i waiting for you to make this video
Hikaye - Dag siden
If you found my comment, grats. Now heres a cookie.🐕
ᖴᖇEᑎᑕᕼEᗪ TOᗩᔕT
*we were all just sittin here.* *waiting.*
James Smith
James Smith - 2 dager siden
ididntgetthejoke - 2 dager siden
I waiting for you to make this comment
The Egyptian sister's Witches Tarot
J En
J En - Time siden
Doesn’t watch the news but gets on Twitter... right.
Josh Webster
Josh Webster - 2 timer siden
Pt 2 please
Aaliyah Meda
Aaliyah Meda - 2 timer siden
You're cute and you've got a good sense a of humor.
Lophidie - 4 timer siden
Some people just aren't meant to act..
Death Suki .
Death Suki . - 4 timer siden
Low-key thought the first part of the vid was an ad
Hannah - 8 timer siden
camp unplugged but make it ✨worse✨
Dark Knolls
Dark Knolls - 10 timer siden
I gasped seeing In_Rainbows in the background of your room! One of my favorite albums ever!
Prince jorden734
Prince jorden734 - 16 timer siden
This is so bad I had to look away at almost every corny moment
Tienai Lee
Tienai Lee - 18 timer siden
Bruh whys the sister of that one tiktokker and the dude she kisses...WHY DO THEY TALK SO GD SLOW IT HURTS
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 18 timer siden
confidential info etc.
One Chimichanga Boi
One Chimichanga Boi - 19 timer siden
This is days of our life’s but in 9 minutes
Riley C
Riley C - 20 timer siden
“He’s also about to put the gloves on backwards” that’s what got me 😂😂😂
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 18 timer siden
reused animation. The scripts (just from what’s shown in this) has no passion in it. The concept itself could have been a cool idea (it’s certainly more interesting than a high
I may have a small dick, but
this show is trash
Natalie Steele
Natalie Steele - 23 timer siden
drew no matter how many times i watch this video, my gut reaction to the first clip is to click the skip button
Stace - Dag siden
can we appriciate how obeservant drew is like he always catches the SMALLEST mistakes in his videos
Allena White
Allena White - Dag siden
10:50 BTW volunteers aren't really supposed to do anything medical... they don't have any sort of training or medical license so they're just supposed to do exactly what there doing now..they can't attend to patients .
KJNSBTCH - Dag siden
13yr old me would have been super into this not gonna lie
Kylie Ede
Kylie Ede - Dag siden
The way that they wore the hairnets oml
Lapa Lopy
Lapa Lopy - Dag siden
I could go for a pet two
Peppa Puff
Peppa Puff - Dag siden
the dialogue about the brain cancer was so dry-
sawyer gramke
sawyer gramke - Dag siden
their acting is infuriatingly bad
Georgia Atlanta
Georgia Atlanta - Dag siden
* remembers I have a bag of potatoes that’s been in my fridge for three years now *
Rana Nawito
Rana Nawito - Dag siden
This makes me cringe so hard ughhhh
Cooper Pugh
Cooper Pugh - Dag siden
the acting is so bad
YungRacc - Dag siden
So he doesn't faint
Moosegooseoof - Dag siden
Moosegooseoof - Dag siden
I saw the 2020 political campaign chess set on live television lol (Edit) how will they put in Kanye West lol
Bridget - Dag siden
The acting is bad, but guys - THE SCRIPT!
It kind of reminds me about adult tv animation, where animators have no passion left for the product and just use stale shots and reused animation. The scripts (just from what’s shown in this) has no passion in it. The concept itself could have been a cool idea (it’s certainly more interesting than a high school drama) but the overused character types and t h e p a c i n g (trying to fit a full drama episode in 9 MiNuTeS!?!).
It just annoys me because I could see the potential in this if ANYONE at the studio had any love for the project (Becides maybe the set designer)
Jess Joyce
Jess Joyce - Dag siden
that food looks so fucking bomb im not even gonna lie Drew
kyan blevins
kyan blevins - Dag siden
You should react to dhar mann there so cheezy
PeaceOutlet _
PeaceOutlet _ - Dag siden
I want more. give more
Diego Perea
Diego Perea - Dag siden
The soundtrack is awful and destroys any hope for setting a mood or is complete cliche overreaction
Diego Perea
Diego Perea - Dag siden
It puts Disney channel actors skills in perspective. At least the old Disney shows had talented actors
Sam Margerum
Sam Margerum - Dag siden
The hair nets.... with their hair sticking out... I just... it’s not a fuckin beanie
Evan Hussey
Evan Hussey - Dag siden
Hippa: exists
Chocolate bar: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Evan Hussey
Evan Hussey - Dag siden
I've seen every episode, and it's like a car crash, horrifying, but I can't take my eyes off it
aliceinchainsinwonderland - 2 dager siden
I am a 30 year old woman..
why do I even care to hate these tik tok kids as much as I do??
Meryem Ammar
Meryem Ammar - 2 dager siden
I’m sorry but the acting, editing, the idea of it is just the worst thing I’ve ever seen
I love Dixie but gurl continue on your singing
Queen Eliane
Queen Eliane - 2 dager siden
Part 2 part 2 part 2 part 2
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 2 dager siden
“You’re being served for a HIPAA violation on a teenager. You’ve been a nurse for 30 years, how could you let this happen???” “Well, I do love Zippy bars...”
Katharine Porter
Katharine Porter - 2 dager siden
is anyone going to talk about that cat. in the one clip, stunning.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 2 dager siden
the kid w the heart disease looks like the default male sim
Sophie Reid
Sophie Reid - 2 dager siden
I genuinely thought Trump had taken hold of my Australian ads
Ethan James Duarte
Ethan James Duarte - 2 dager siden
9:51 "no that is not a disease" *hangs up* 💀💀💀killing me
mr. houseboat
mr. houseboat - 2 dager siden
I foreal though that the begining was an ad
CJKing 02
CJKing 02 - 2 dager siden
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse actress than Dixie dimilio
Willie Davis
Willie Davis - 2 dager siden
9:43 I got you
Kitten Puff, Jr.
Kitten Puff, Jr. - 2 dager siden
Jacky_ _Power
Jacky_ _Power - 2 dager siden
part 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
Yen Rae Wee
Yen Rae Wee - 2 dager siden
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee attaway general lmaoo
Chloe Dhamdhere
Chloe Dhamdhere - 2 dager siden
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the kid at 8:06 looks strikingly like Pete Davidson?
Alex Foye
Alex Foye - 2 dager siden
update video !
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez - 2 dager siden
I legit thought the intro of the video was an actual ad lol.
Erik Weiss
Erik Weiss - 2 dager siden
Okay, so I’m a 40 year old man but your videos are freaking hilarious. Thank you for the hilarity.
Emily Hur
Emily Hur - 2 dager siden
Krea Lil
Krea Lil - 2 dager siden
My grandpa had surgery in his leg
And they messed up
Now he walks like this
Logan - 2 dager siden
The add in the beginning I was talking about my brother how dumb it js
kolim jone
kolim jone - 3 dager siden
the kid w the heart disease looks like the default male sim
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey - 3 dager siden
why would you be buying bags of onions and not just buy an onion xD
kolim jone
kolim jone - 3 dager siden
Imagine medical dramas going from House MD to Ataway crap
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey - 3 dager siden
I want you to make another video :)
Jessie - 3 dager siden
this is literally so bad-, drew i’m proud of you
The Trashiest Trash
The Trashiest Trash - 3 dager siden
I thought I was watching an ad in the first few seconds
シ ᴘ ɪ ɴ ᴋ ʀ O̸ s ᴇ
6:56 notice how he was in a different place for like a split second...?
Brandon Lund
Brandon Lund - 3 dager siden
Hey I had to get stitches for a cut smaller than Holden's and fainted in the docs, and I don't have have a heart condition. Fainting happens...dick.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex - 3 dager siden
drew looks great in pastels but based on how thats basically the only range of colors he wears in videos, I'm assuming he already knows that
Tea Time With Milo
Tea Time With Milo - 3 dager siden
can we talk about how when the girl and the boy in the wheel chair were together talking the music was just echoing "Can we knock it up, yeah"
the spider scientist
the spider scientist - 3 dager siden
The sentence beats juvie is stuck in my head
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy - 3 dager siden
Just came across him and Danny last week and now I’m addicted ❤️
Makenzie Clarke
Makenzie Clarke - 3 dager siden
5:29 *wait, he forgot about the picture*
Makenzie Clarke
Makenzie Clarke - 3 dager siden
5:01 my dog having a mid life crisis while pooping
Hunter Demetree
Hunter Demetree - 3 dager siden
I literally watch that whole ad to see who was licking them selves
David A.Villa
David A.Villa - 3 dager siden
This show is just Kidz Bop Grey's anatomy
Priscilla Ruiz
Priscilla Ruiz - 3 dager siden
"JOKES ON THEM... im an adult" 💀💀💀
Unitato - 4 dager siden
The show was probably written and directed by the "actors" who starred in it
Plural - 4 dager siden
Imagine medical dramas going from House MD to Ataway crap
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 3 dager siden
whole face is behind her cue cards it is SO jarring.
Ineke Stoneham
Ineke Stoneham - 4 dager siden
Dixie sound like her mom forced her to do a play in school but she doesn’t wanna give it her all because that’s “embarrassing”
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - 3 dager siden
9:15 i- this is illegal
McKenna Holmes
McKenna Holmes - 4 dager siden
Isn’t the blonde actress also from the worst season of Scrubs?
Rose Pascal
Rose Pascal - 4 dager siden
why is she acting like she’s reading her lines straight off her scri-
Erin Last Name Redacted
Erin Last Name Redacted - 4 dager siden
It’s so terribly medically inaccurate, too. I don’t know how many of you subscribe to Dr. Mike, but his review of this show was pretty scathing: https://youtu.be/NKPo-BcUMGs
Rod Ham
Rod Ham - 4 dager siden
"that is not a disease" kills me, what a line